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  The Hermantown Historical Society was formed to preserve our rich heritage. As part of our mission we have developed a museum so that we can share our information and the artifacts that we have collected. We have also published one book about the unique Jackson Project homes and currently are working on a book about the schools and their activities.

  We host presentations that have a historical significance to the area as well a harvest festival celebrating crafts, produce, and artifacts from bygone eras. Elementary school children are also taken on tours so that they can identify with what made their community special.

  The Hermantown History Center is open for presentations & special events Summerfest- July, and Harvestfest - September).
  For private tours or group visits call 624-3040 or 729-8058 to arrange an appointment.
  The historical society meetings are held in the training room of the Community Building at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month.

Upcoming events:
Saturday September10
2016 Harvest Fest
Harvest Fest

  The members of the Society take a lot of pride in the amount of information they have been able to gather and invite you to come and visit, to share your own perspective or to give us more information.

The town hall.

The town hall on Hermantown Road